Storage Trailers | Temporary Commercial Storage

If you need temporary storage for your business, Pacific Coast Distribution can save you time and money. Even better, we keep all of our fleet with up-to-date commercial vehicle inspections so all of our trailers are in roadworthy condition enabling your stored goods to be easily moved over the road from one location to another. There is no downtime for you!

  • A great alternative to off-site warehousing and the hassle of loading and unloading at mini storage facilities
  • 53′ semi trailers that are ideal for storage for both short and long term requirements
  • Parked at your location or one of our secure lots

So, Who Uses Storage Trailers? Here Are Some Examples:

Sometimes when there is construction happening at a site, builders want one or more storage trailers to house tools or equipment on site while the construction is going on. When the project is finished, the builder no longer needs the storage, and we come and collect our container.

Storage containers can be used to store materials before they are needed. In this way, materials are not left out where they can be stolen from a busy site. Theft is always a problem at construction sites.

Another good solution would be if you need to store incoming equipment and materials before they are needed because you are waiting on permits or inspections.


  • We have both 20' and 40' foot containers.
  • Twenty-foot containers are about 1440 cubic feet in volume.
  • Forty-foot containers are about 2880 cubic feet in volume.
  • There are no weight restrictions if the unit stays in place. Weight restrictions will apply if the container (trailer) needs to be transported while full.
  • We can deliver the trailer to you and pick it up when you're finished. We can also store containers on our own property.
  • Trailers are available both for rent and for purchase.

If you would like to rent or buy a storage container/trailer for your project, please call us on our toll-free number, (877) 999-8489 or use the convenient form on our Contact page.

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