Container Stuffing & Destuffing in BC

Pacific Coast Distribution offers container stuffing & destuffing services for shippers who are in the Langley and Vancouver area.  We have a fully equipped warehouse for the shipments that need to be stored on-site while awaiting transport.

Container stuffing and destuffing are both important processes in the shipping industry and, if not done properly, can result in damaged goods and inefficient operations.

What is Container Stuffing?

Container stuffing is the act of loading ready-to-ship inventory and/or goods into a container or other medium of transportation, sealing it and preparing the container for shipment.

What is Container Destuffing?

Container destuffing is the opening and unloading the vessel in which the shipped goods arrived.

The Importance of Using a Quality Company for Container Stuffing & Destuffing

Those involved in the stuffing process must be well aware of the product that is being transported. The vessel in which goods are transported can vary for a number of reasons pertaining to the product: size, weight, fragility, cost and quantity being only a few examples.

Procedures are very important in the loading & unloading of cargo.  At Pacific Coast Distribution, you can rely on safe handling of your goods. We understand that efficiency and care are of the utmost importance – whether we are stuffing your container for shipment or destuffing the products for temporary storage in our Langley BC warehouse.

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