Cross-Docking Services in BC

Pacific Coast Distribution offers cross-docking services in Langley / Surrey / Vancouver, BC for companies that need to transfer cargo from one container to another.

What is Cross-Docking?

Cross-docking is the transfer and immediate shipping between two containers at a set location.  This process is used to maximize efficiency in the import-export business. At the cross-docking location, the shipment is unloaded from one container or truck and then loaded up to another medium of outbound transportation with little to no storage time in between transport phases.

Advantages of Cross-Docking

The cross-docking method of receiving and transporting has many advantages for businesses that depend upon efficient and large-scale import. Warehouse cross-docking is more efficient medium of transport than destuffing. Imported goods can be delivered to retailers much more quickly when there is no down time between the receiving of the shipment and the transport to the retailer. This is especially advantageous for the import of food items and edible goods. Food items that are shipped through the cross-docking method arrive much faster, and therefore can be put on shelves sooner than goods arriving via traditional shipping methods. Since cross-dock shipped food items arrive sooner, they will be fresher, and the products can stay on the shelves longer without fear of expiration, since there was less time spent in the shipment phase.

Cross-docking also saves companies overhead cost, as warehouse space is significantly decreased. In cross-docking, shipments are not stored at a facility; they are immediately sent out to retailers. Therefore, the companies utilizing this method do not have to pay for large storage spaces to house all their incoming imports of goods. This also allows businesses to adapt and change to meet demands, without being required to continually empty out their inventory which is being stored; they can stop or start selling goods immediately since they are all going straight to the outlet retailer.

As well, companies that utilize this process do not need to hire additional labor to store and maintain inventory, as all of the inventory is passed straight through from the receivers of the import to the retailer immediately.

Cross-docking is not effective for all businesses; large-scale companies have a better capability to handle immediate incoming inventory, whereas small businesses may struggle to maintain and constantly push out and sell inventory. There is also a significant overhead cost to organizing the immediate stuffing process as an import arrives, as well as significant costs of transportation. However, on a large scale and with the right capacity and organization, mid-sized and large companies can benefit from the cross-docking method of importing goods and inventory.

If you are in the Vancouver / Langley / Surrey area, and want more information on how Pacific Coast Distribution can help you with your cross-docking needs, please give us a call.

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