Helping Neighborhood Warehouses in Langley & Surrey

Headed to EV Logistics or a neighbouring warehouse in Langley BC and your load is rejected?

Pacific Coast Distribution is now conveniently located next door to EV Logistics and a short drive from the Costco Warehouses in Langley. Frequently, a warehouse may come across a load that they are not prepared to handle – such as shifted loads, lack of storage space, or an inability to accommodate a type or size of trailer… This is where Pacific Coast Distribution can step in.

With 60,000 square feet of ambient storage space, Pacific Coast Distribution’s well-equipped warehouse is prepared to handle any challenges that may pop up with both freight and logistics services.

Trailer Reworking

In the event that the freight was incorrectly loaded, Pacific Coast Distribution is equipped to handle the task of reworking the load – no matter what needs to be done. That can mean unloading and rearranging as per what the customer needs, or properly re-palletizing and loading the freight.


If the freight’s original destination cannot take their load due to a lack of storage space, Pacific Coast Distribution is available to store the product until they can take it. Temperature-specific and oversize loads can be accommodated as needed. If needed, Pacific Coast Distrubtion can also handle the logistics of re-loading and trucking of the load to its correct destination.


Pacific Coast Distribution can handle any cross docking needs: whether that is from one trailer to another trailer of a different type or size, from a container to a trailer, or from one container to another container.

Pacific Coast Distribution can help out with all warehousing needs – including oversize needs, storage and redistribution for freight that cannot be handled at its originally intended destination.

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