HACCP Certification

HACCP certification is an international standard which defines the requirements for effective control of food safety. HAACP certification demonstrates a commitment to producing or trading in safe food practices. It is an evidence based approach, and is extremely beneficial for food transportation.

The HACCP certification consists of a global network of food experts who carry out audits with focus on food safety and hygiene. This makes it possible to systematically identify where any hazards are, and to set up control limits at critical points in the food production, storage and transportation processes. We have been, and continue to be, audited by the widely respected SGS North America Inc.

The certification is built around seven key principles:

  • To conduct hazard analysis of biological, chemical, and physical food hazards;
  • To determine the critical control points (a point, step or procedure in the handling process to which a control can be applied to minimize risk factors) in food production, storage and transportation;
  • To establish critical control limits, differentiating what are acceptable or unacceptable thresholds, (ie. storage temperatures) to reduce, prevent or eliminate potential hazards to food safety
  • To establish a system to monitor control points to assess and ensure compliance;
  • To establish corrective actions, in the case of a deviation from acceptable protocol, to ensure changes are made to return to compliance;
  • To establish procedures and verifications to ensure compliance to the program is maintained;
  • And, to establish proper documentation and record keeping practices.

This certification is an international standard, and Pacific Coast has been certified through its strict program for food storage and transportation processes.

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