Why You May Choose Storage Containers

December 7th, 2016 in Articles

storage container,full service logistics companyIf you are running a successful online merchandise-based business, you probably need storage for your merchandise. And one of the best things about running an online business is the flexibility that it affords you in addition to the low cost of operating. You may have started by storing inventory in you garage or basement, but as you scale the business, you will likely need an alternative form of storage for your wares. Renting a storage container may be the solution – it’s a great alternative to off-site warehousing and the hassle of loading up your things into a small storage facility.

Tips for Storing Your Inventory in a Storage Trailer

1. Get Organized

When you are storing for business, you will eventually need to retrieve those most of your items. Create a list of the items going in your storage trailer. Make sure to have a certain amount of fast-moving inventory in a retrievable location, like at your home or office, so that you won’t be searching through the container should you run out of inventory. Choose a method of storage, either boxes in boxes or on shelves, and then decide how you want group things within the unit.

2. Pack Efficiently

Rushing to pack will end up costing you time and money. Pack efficiently and you will help avoid damaging our losing your goods. Smaller items should be wrapped and pack together, and larger items should be itemized accordingly. Always put slower moving items near the back and items that you may need to retrieve near the front of your storage container.

3. Keep Track

Create a system to keep track of your inventory. It’s critical that your store your items in a way that makes it easy to find later on. Try to ensure that there is ground level access for easy loading and unloading.

Pacific Coast Distribution: Your Solution for Temporary Storage

Pacific Coast Distribution can save you time and money if you need temporary storage for your online business. We keep all of our fleet with up-to-date commercial vehicle inspections so that our trailers are in roadworthy condition enabling your stored goods to be easily moved over the road from one location to another. If you need storage, call us for more details.

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