What Is the Difference Between Shipping and Logistics


Shipping and Logistics are similar concepts when it comes to business application but there are several key differences between the two terms that are important for understanding how both apply to your business.

Shipping, also known as Freight Transport, is the literal movement of goods from Point A to Point B and is most often used only when describing the literal transport of said goods. Most companies that handle just “shipping” are best for one and done affairs, simple couriering and one-time deliveries.

Logistics is a more all-encompassing term under which shipping itself falls. Initially taken from a military term that described maintaining supply lines it has been adapted to the modern business world. Modern Logistics covers the storage and movement of products from the initial point of construction or acquisition to the point of sale. Companies that specialize in logistics don’t just cover the transport of products, they also deal with the storage and distribution of those products as well as the flow of information regarding those products.

Expertise in logistics involves ensuring that the movement of products is as efficient and effective as possible. This involves a great deal of planning to ensure that as few complications occur as possible, anticipating possible delays, ensuring that clients deadlines are met, and ensuring proper paperwork is handled ahead of time etc.

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