What Is HACCP Certification?

December 29th, 2020 in General Warehouse
What Is HACCP Certification?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. HACCP refers to a management system for food safety, the purpose of which is to understand and prevent problems in the food retail industry throughout the supply chain. The idea is analyze, control, reduce, and eliminated all potential hazards in the food supply chain from the production of raw material, through different stages of procurement and handling, manufacturing, and transport.

There is an independent and impartial organization that bestows this certification upon demonstration of high-level skills in food supply chain safety and control. The certification follows benchmark recommendations from the World Heath Organization (WHO).

Who Should Have HACCP Certification?

Individuals and companies that work in any aspect of the food supply chain. This is how food producers and suppliers can have confidence that their products are reaching the retail market safely.

How Does This Apply to Pacific Coast Distribution LTD?

Since Pacific Coast handles the transportation of food in addition to other types of freight, it’s important to us that our facility and staff are trained in HACCP protocols to keep everyone and the product safe. Our certification communicates that we have a food safety mindset and a well-developed program for food handling. Our warehouse is an ambient temperature food storage facility, and our safety controls are audited yearly by a third party. By being certified in HACCP and being regularly audited, you can have confidence in our credibility and knowhow for safe food transport and storage.

We hope you find this information about HACCP useful, and if you need help with your freight transportation of food, please reach out to us. Freight transportation and logistics is our business.

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