What Is Drayage?

What is Drayage in Shipping and Logistics

In shipping and logistics, drayage is an important concept. Most clients need it at least some of the time if not all the time. But what is it exactly?

Drayage in shipping and logistics just refers to the movement of products over short distances. Technically, drayage refers to the short movement of a shipping container from the port or rail yards to the location needed for contents to be removed. The word “drayage” comes from the word “draught” or, later, “draft” as in draft horses that used to pull carts filled with products.

The point is that the drayage refers to short haul transport, which is needed in many different parts of the shipping equation. Drayage may include unloading, loading, packaging, repackaging, branding, or all of the above.

If you need drayage in southern British Columbia, you will want to choose a shipping and logistics partner with long experience in that process. Not all drayage services are the same. The cost of your shipping in both time and money may depend on the efficiency of the drayage that you need.

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