What Is Cross-Docking?

What Is Cross-Docking

Cross-docking is a strategy used by shipping and logistics companies to make shipping more efficient. In cross-docking, shipments are unloaded, packaged or repackaged if needed, then consolidated immediately for further transport.

The idea behind cross-docking services is that you eliminate or cut down on storage and its related costs for the shipping client. By avoiding medium- or long-term storage, shipping becomes faster. However, there are some other advantages as well.

Other Advantages

Cross-docking increases shipment security because there is nothing sitting around in storage.

Anything perishable is less likely to suffer damage.

Goods, in general, are less likely to suffer damage because they are moved in and out quickly and do not stay in storage.

There is greater efficiency in the next-stage of the shipping process because goods can be separated or consolidated as needed. Sometimes, this means trucks can be loaded with greater efficiency and more goods can be delivered at the same time to the same place.

Warehouse cross-docking is something that we do at Pacific Coast Distribution all the time, when needed by clients. Whether or not cross-docking is the best solution for your business depends on many factors including your overall strategy for shipping and logistics, and we look at these factors on a case-by-case basis.

If cross-docking is something you would like to explore with us, then definitely call us at (877) 999-8489. We are always optimizing efficiency for our clients on an ongoing basis. Cross-docking is one method of doing so.

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