What Is Container Destuffing and Why Is It Important?

April 16th, 2024 in Articles
What Is Container Destuffing and Why Is It Important?

Container destuffing is a logistics term that refers to the unloading of freight from a container. Sometimes, this is called devanning. The opposite of container destuffing is stuffing, which would be the loading of freight into a container or other mode of transportation. 

Why Is Destuffing Important? 

If products or freight come from a big distance, then often destuffing is required at some point before the products can continue on their shipping journey. Products may need to be palletized, for example, in order to be efficiently stored in a warehouse or to continue on to distribution. 

In addition, during the destuffing process, any damage to products needs to be noted before the products leave the warehouse again or before they are stored longer term or that damage could become the responsibility of the warehouse. 

Is Destuffing a Simple Task? 

The short answer is no, it is not a simple task. Whoever is doing the destuffing has to know how and where the products will be stored or how and where the products will be made ready for further transport. If the freight is staying in a warehouse for some period, then the warehouse has to have employees skilled at the unloading. There has to be space in the warehouse and the ability to track where and how much is being stored. 

If the destuffed freight is continuing onward, then staff have to be trained to handle that part such as arranging freight on pallets and loading onto, for example, another mode of transportation. The point here is that in order to save time and money, staff have to know how to do this job efficiently. 

Shipping freight long distances using multiple modes of transportation is a complex and sophisticated business. This is why companies often hire 3PL partners to handle shipping and logistics because smaller companies do not have either the staff or the know-how for managing all the details. 

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