What is Asset Based Freight Transportation?

May 31st, 2017 in Freight Transportation

Cross Docking Pacific Coast Distribution

Asset based freight brokers are a popular choice for shippers who decide to use a freight broker for their loads. An asset based freight broker is a company that has their own equipment that is needed to move and store freight. Often they own warehouses, distribution centers and trucks. The asset based freight broker works directly with the shipper to coordinate the transportation of goods.

The argument between working with asset-based and non-asset-based freight brokers is a debate that has been going on for years: some people will only use asset-based companies, and some refuse to. Many shipments end up using a combination or a mix of different types of providers.

Asset based carriers are typically beneficial as they have a long history of service – and they generally provide many different services for their customers, including warehousing, distribution services, transportation, and value added options.

Working with an asset based carrier allows the customer to have open communication directly with the transportation provider – this tends to allow an ease of conscience for many shippers as they are never kept in the dark about their shipments.

For shippers who are looking for an easy, trustworthy way to ship their products, asset-based freight companies are often a great choice.

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