What Is a Freight Broker?

August 31st, 2021 in Freight Broker
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A freight broker is the person who is responsible for shipping products from point A to point B using one or more modes of transport. Sometimes freight brokers work on their own, and other times they are part of a larger shipping and logistics company.

What do freight brokers do?

A freight broker figures out the best, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to ship products safely and securely during a specified time frame. A freight broker is not a customs broker, who preoccupies him or herself with moving product across borders and the regulations associated with that. Sometimes a customs broker is also involved with long distance shipments, but the freight broker’s job is the efficiency of the transport.

The freight broker will be familiar with the costs related to using certain types of trucks for certain distances and, for example, the competing prices of different airlines and different cargo ships depending on where products are being shipped. One carrier may be more expensive but offer shorter time delays and better security. This is the type of information that a freight broker considers when figuring out a route for shipping.

Transportation and logistics is a complex business. Manufacturing companies often choose to use a specialized transportation and logistics company that has dedicated and experienced freight brokers rather than try to do this job themselves.

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