Warehouse Space and Which Services You Will Need

July 31st, 2016 in General Warehouse

Warehouse Storage in Vancouver If you're starting or expanding your business in BC, you may be considering third-party warehouse services. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Flexible pricing options to reflect fluctuations in your company's growth and changing warehouse needs
  • No need to hire and manage warehouse staff
  • Cost-effective staff and materials provided by a specialist warehouse service provider

Finding the Right Warehouse Logistics Company in BC

When searching for a great warehouse, consider:

  • References from other companies using their services
  • A good fit that is local, reliable, and flexible, even if it costs a bit more
  • Defining your needs and discussing them with the service provider
  • Taking your time in making a decision to avoid costly company changes
  • Asking any necessary questions, just as you would with a potential employee

Services Offered by Pacific Coast Warehousing

Many warehouses offer more services than you may expect. At Pacific Coast Warehousing, we offer:

  • General storage (short & long term)
  • Pick & pack services
  • Cross dock operations
  • Container stuffing/de-stuffing
  • Bulk handling
  • Distribution and delivery for all shipment sizes
  • Re-distribution
  • Inventory management with customer online access
  • De-consolidation
  • Re-packing
  • On-forwarding
  • Push/Pull capabilities
  • Clamp roll capabilities
  • 24 hour services

Consider the options available from a good warehouse service provider and prioritize what is most important to your business. Contact us today to discuss your warehousing needs and find flexible solutions that work for you.

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