The Benefits of a Langley Warehouse

December 29th, 2023 in General Warehouse
The Benefits of a Langley Warehouse

For those needing warehouse space for their products in the Greater Vancouver area, there are some significant benefits to using warehouse space in Langley. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about what those benefits are. 

Langley City is a major commercial hub for the giant Vancouver market. Located east of Vancouver on the Lower Mainland, Langley has all of the advantages of being near Vancouver but not in Vancouver. 


Langley has excellent access to several major through-routes including the Trans Canada Highway, Fraser Highway, and Highway 7. Langley is also close to four border crossings to the United States, including Peace Arch, the Pacific Highway crossing on Highway 11, the Lynden Crossing on Highway 13, and Sumas. Ready access to and from Langley is available in every direction. 

Also, Langley is only 50 km from the Port of Vancouver. 


Because Langley is not part of downtown Vancouver, warehouse space will be more economical for the client. This is why it is so beneficial to be near Vancouver without being inside Vancouver. 


There is a beneficial business climate in Langley that attracts a multitude of businesses. That means that Langley may be very close to where clients’ products are either picked up or dropped off. With its excellent economy and supportive business community, there are multiple reasons why Langley is a good choice for all manner of businesses including using it for warehousing. 

We are located in Langley, and we are available to help you with your warehousing, shipping, and logistics needs. We like Langley, an award-winning city, and we recommend it to our readers, too. 

Pacific Coast Distribution, based in Langley, BC, on the Lower Mainland, is a proud asset-based 3PL company, and can help you with your shipping and logistics and warehousing needs. Call us at (877) 999-8489 if you need help moving your products quickly and efficiently. 

Pacific Coast Distribution, LTD, is a family-owned transportation and logistics company, based in Langley, British Columbia, with 20 years of experience and a fleet of 50 trucks and a 60,000-square-foot warehouse. 

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