Refrigerated Transport – What You Need to Know in Selecting a Company

August 26th, 2016 in Freight Transportation

Refrigerated container transport and warehousing are essential considerations for anyone working in industries involving perishable goods. Whether the items in question are food, pharmaceutical products, medical, or life science products, it’s important to think well ahead when selecting a company to take care of container stuffing, freight distribution or refrigerated transport in BC.

Some of the options to look for in refrigerated transport:

  • Size – Ensure that any transportation firm has a fleet of vehicles to suit all of your needs, whether you require vans or articulated vehicles. Look for a trucking firm that can handle your deliveries even if you change the scale of your operation.
  • Tracking – A good transport company will allow their clients to track their consignments online, whether the goods are being delivered around Surrey, BC or internationally.
  • Timing – For many goods that require refrigeration, timely deliveries are of the essence. A refrigerated transport firm that can offer deliveries to suit their clients, including overnight services, short notice, and after-hour pick-ups, can be a real find.
  • Temperature monitoring – Optimum refrigeration temperatures will vary according to the cargo, so the temperature range must be variable. A reputable transportation service should be able to maintain a steady temperature while the goods are in motion.
  • Servicing – Make sure that any transportation service has regularly serviced trucks and equipment. Avoid unpleasant surprises and mishaps. This is more important than ever for refrigerated transportation.
  • Accreditations – Ask for evidence of the firm’s ability to handling cargo safely and its understanding of legal obligations, including in the transportation of dangerous goods.

Businesses may also ask whether their refrigerated services also include container stuffing in addition to other transportation and storage services. The greatest care needs to be taken with items that require refrigeration. Pacific Care Distribution can take care of all of your refrigerated transportation needs.

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