Dedicated Versus Shared Vancouver Warehousing Services

April 30th, 2022 in Warehouse Logistics 3PL
Dedicated Versus Shared Vancouver Warehousing Services

There is a difference between dedicated and shared warehousing space and services. The difference is whether or not there is more than one company’s products in a warehouse. Today’s blog article is going to discuss the implications of each. 

Warehousing, In General 

When companies use a third-party company (3PL) to look after the shipping and logistics of their products, warehousing services are often required. This is because shipping may be over a great distance using different modes of transportation, and there may be delays between products coming off one type of transport and onto another. Sometimes warehousing is needed for an altogether different reason—products may need to be unwrapped and repackaged and/or branded in a warehouse before continuing on their journey. 

Dedicated Warehousing 

Dedicated warehousing is the term for a warehouse being used solely for the products of one company. When large shipments are involved, a company may want or need a specific amount of space dedicated to them even if it is not all used at one time. The advantages of dedicated warehousing is knowing there is always space for your product, a lower security risk (real or imagined) because only one company’s products move in and out of the space, and the warehousing controls may be more efficient because only one company’s products require tracking. 

Shared Warehousing

Shared warehousing refers to warehousing that dedicates space to several different companies. Smaller companies with smaller shipments would use shared warehousing because it would not make sense to pay for warehouse space and services that are not needed. The advantage of shared warehousing is that it is likely cheaper for the client because the client does not need an enormous amount of space, and that company’s products can go wherever they fit. The disadvantage for the 3PL company is that it is much more complex to be tracking the movement of several different company’s products in and out of a warehouse. 

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