Container Shipping News for September 2022

September 29th, 2022 in Company & Industry News
Container Shipping News for September 2022

For today’s blog, we thought it would be useful to do a recap of what is happening this fall as it relates to shipping and logistics—our business! So, here, below, is a summary of the high points. 

Hurricane Ian: 

As of this writing, Hurricane Ian is below Jamaica and barreling north for Florida. Although long-range weather predictions are not terribly precise, there is definitely risks ahead for all ports in Florida, as well as those in the Gulf of Mexico, and up the eastern United States along the Atlantic shore. We will have to stay tuned for more information. 

Hurricane Fiona: 

Meanwhile, Hurricane Fiona has already started damaging Canada’s eastern coast with Newfoundland and Labrador bracing for the worst. Obviously, any ports there and in Nova Scotia and PEI are at risk. 

Seasonal Shipping 

There was not a big peak this summer, but since COVID-19, nothing has returned to normal. In North America, we still expect a peak season this fall as retailers prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Air Shipping

With the supply chain problems, some major players in ocean freight, like Maersk from Denmark, and CMA CGM from France are exploring ways to migrate to Air Freight. With all the blocked ports we have seen lately, this is one way for these companies to get an edge.


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