Challenges of Food Warehousing and Transportation

July 26th, 2017 in General Warehouse

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Companies in the business of supply chain management of food products are well aware that strategies locking down efficiencies when it comes to food supply chain is of utmost importance. With issues such as safety and recalls, sustainability, and costs and infrastructure always looming, management of the supply chain is always an important consideration.

Safety for food products is always under scrutiny, especially when errors do arise. This means that track-and-trace capabilities are extremely important to ensure that the consumer knows exactly where their product came from – this helps to avoid excess recalls from happening, which may happen in the event of unknown handling practices. To ensure proper response times to recalls and issues, food companies are investing in new processes and technologies for more frequent temperature monitoring and inspections.

Additionally, companies are investing in certifications such as the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), which is a systemic preventative approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in places of food production or transportation.

Another challenge that the food industry faces in both production and transportation is the issue of sustainability. Major companies in the food industry have recently announced that they will be planning to cut their carbon footprints, and attempt to become more “green” with sustainable practices – especially when it comes to packaging, distribution, and logistics strategies. Meanwhile, other pressure from consumers also means that food companies are attempting to slim down on costs to their customers – companies are attempting to meet these needs by boosting efficiencies in their transportation and handling costs.

Those involved in food warehousing and handling are taking a fresh look at distribution patterns to better meet the new-age needs of the food industry. The supply chain of food products and finding efficiencies within the system is of utmost importance to the companies involved in food warehousing and handling to ensure best practices across the supply chain.

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