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These articles take a closer look at warehouse cross docking services, including what cross docking services are and their benefits, and some of the general ins and outs of this logistics strategy. Cross-docking involves the transfer of goods from inbound vehicles directly to outbound vehicles, without the need for storage in a warehouse -- helping to streamline the shipping process and reduce the need for warehousing space. We look into the benefits and challenges of implementing cross-docking, as well as offer tips to determin if the stretegy is right for you.

What Is Cross-Docking
Cross-docking is a strategy used by shipping and logistics companies to make shipping more efficient. In cross-docking, shipments are unloaded, packaged or repackaged if needed, then consolidated immediately for further transport.
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Advantages of Cross Docking
August 30th, 2017 in Cross Docking
The idea behind crossdocking freight is to minimize the amount of handling required to get materials from the supplier to the manufacturer and finished products from the manufacturer to the customer
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