Automation Technologies That Improve Warehouse Efficiency

March 28th, 2023 in Company & Industry News
Automation Technologies That Improve Warehouse Efficiency

There are a variety of automation technologies that are used in different 3PL warehouses to improve efficiency. The purpose of using any kind of automation is to reduce human error, to make certain tasks go faster, and overall to reduce costs for the shipping and logistics and company and also for the clients. 

In today’s blog article, we would like to talk about some common automation technologies found in 3PL warehouses. Each warehouse is different, but there are certain trends in automation. 

AGVs and AMRs 

AGVs are automated guided vehicles that are designed to move about the warehouse with a human operator present. There are also AMRs or automated mobile robots that can do the same thing without an operator present. Both of these vehicles can move around with the help of sensors found throughout the warehouse to find products easily and quickly. 


Powerful software is used to track inventory. This automates what is arriving, what is leaving, and what is in place and replaces the person or persons standing with a clipboard at the entrance to the warehouse like in the old days. Scanning devices track movement of products in real time and update the software instantly. 

Storage and Retrieval 

Some warehouses have automated storage and retrieval systems where shelving units are housed. These systems maximize the storage and efficiency of every shelf being used and can find products quickly if they need to be moved in or out or shuffled around. 

Automation is becoming more and more common in 3PL warehouses. This is the trend for the future, and it is a welcome addition to the business, as automation makes everything more efficient and more cost-effective for the client. 

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