Advantages of LTL Shipping

November 29th, 2022 in Freight Transportation
Advantages of LTL Shipping

LTL shipping is defined as “less than full load” shipping. For practical purposes, that means a client that is shipping products does not require the complete interior space of a truck’s trailer and ships in smaller batches. There are several advantages to LTL shipping, which we are going to outline for you, here, in today’s blog article. 


Far and away the biggest advantage of LTL shipping is cost savings. If you do not require a full trailer for your goods, then you only pay for the space that is required. This can really add up and become a significant cost savings. 


Another more subtle advantage is a time advantage, which can also translate into a monetary advantage. By shipping with an LTL carrier, the client does not have to wait until he/she has enough for a full load. This can mean that products are shipped faster which means those products can be sold faster, which is a potential cash flow advantage. 

Tracking and Security 

Some companies may prefer shipping with full loads because of a perceived security advantage of having the whole load. However, products shipped by LTL are usually wrapped and shipped on pallets. When the pallets are correctly labeled, the shipping offers excellent tracking and the products may even travel better by being on pallets. 

You may not have considered LTL freight shipping services, and this is something you should definitely discuss with your 3PL company. The 3PL company can do the calculations for you and help you determine if LTL shipping would benefit you. 

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