Advantages of Asset-Based 3PL Companies for Shipping and Distribution

February 22nd, 2023 in Freight Transportation
Advantages of Asset-Based 3PL Companies for Shipping and Distribution

There are several advantages to using an asset-based 3PL company for the shipping and distribution of your product. Today, in our blog, we are going to discuss what an asset-based 3PL company is and why it is advantageous to choose one for the shipping and logistics of your products. 

What is an asset-based 3PL company? 

As asset-based 3PL company is a company that owns the equipment, such as trucks or warehouses, that are used for their shipping and logistics services. Non-asset-based 3PL companies rely on the assets of others and function more like a broker, but do not have any skin in the game, so to speak. 

The biggest and most obvious advantage of the asset-based 3PL company is one of control. The asset-based company always knows exactly what it has available for the client, including number and location of trucks and every square inch of warehouse space. 

By already owning the assets needed, the asset-based company is more efficient and more competitive. When 3PL companies rely too much on others and their assets, there is an extra layer of time lost, human error, and loss of cost-efficiency. Asset-based companies will have better quality control, as they handle 100% of the details related to their own trucks and their own warehouse space. 

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