A Glossary of Freight Terms

A Glossary of Freight Terms

Previously in our blog, we defined a few terms from our industry. We wanted to take some time to define a few more terms for those who may not be familiar with the trucking, transportation, and freight world.

Freight Logistics: What Is It?

Freight transportation is, in simple terms, the movement of goods from one location to another. Logistics is the science of handling that movement as effectively and efficiently as possible. Freight logistics, then, is the efficient and effective movement of goods. This includes anticipating and planning for loading, unloading, packaging, unpackaging, paperwork for terminals, trucks in good running order, and the client’s timetable.

Warehouse Services: What are they? Why would someone need them?

Warehouse services are the ability and availability of space to store goods while they are are being shipped. Sometimes freight may need to be warehoused while it is being packed or unpacked or when there is a change in the method of transportation. Clients use warehouse services as part of the overall freight logistics scheme.


Demurrage is an old French term that signifies a fee charged for goods or freight that is not loaded or unloaded or moved within a pre-agreed upon time frame.


We have a full page devoted to a discussion of cross-docking. Basically, cross-docking is when freight or goods are moved from one method of transportation to another with very little or no time required or lost for warehousing. Goods are either unloaded then reloaded or transferred to another truck or container to maximize efficiency.

Bill of Lading

We have Bill of Lading forms available for download from our website. A Bill of Lading or BL or BoL is a legal document that is carried by the shipper or consigner describing in detail what the shipment is, such as how many boxes are being carried, what’s in the boxes, where it’s coming from, and where it’s going.

We hope you find these definitions useful, and if you need help with your freight transportation, please reach out to us. Freight transportation and logistics is our business.

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